Add your iOS or Android device to the Internet of Things (IOT) with the CircuitMouse App!

Electricians, do-it-yourselfers, small manufacturers, entrepreneurs, makers & high-school-science-fair experimenters will love the CircuitMouse App for controlling and automating their lives, products, businesses and ideas.

The concept behind the CircuitMouse App is simple – your Smartphone or Tablet is either plugged in or it’s not. And with just that information you can automate and monitor an amazing number of things. Just a few examples:

• Test the circuits and outlets in a building using the CircuitMouse App – a great tool for electricians, landlords, realtors, do-it-yourselfers and contractors.
• Let someone know when you’ve started or stopped your vehicle – when CircuitMouse detects a change in the ‘charging state’ of your device, it can send an email to a recipient of your choosing. Great for letting those worried grandparents know you’ve arrived home safely or reminding you to stop by the grocery store on your way home.
• Reminders – Do you need a reminder to do something when you go to bed, but you’re not sure when you’ll be going to bed? Well, if you’re one of the Billions of people who always plugs their phone in when they go to bed, then you can set up CircuitMouse to play a song or pop up an alert. It’s the 3rd reminder event along with time-based reminders and location-based reminders.
• Monitor the electric supply in a remote location. Simply plug in a phone with the CircuitMouse App installed, and be alerted when the power drops out. Great for mission-critical heating, cooling and security situations at unmanned locations.
• Tie CircuitMouse to IFTTT (or other meta-automators) through an email address, and explore an amazing world of life and social automation.
• Build a better mousetrap – with just a few wires, you can monitor mousetraps and the like, and automatically be alerted when the trap is sprung!

With the CircuitMouse App, there’s no need to spend $200 on a dedicated circuit tester. For only $1.99 you can quickly figure out which electrical outlets belong to which circuit breakers.

The CircuitMouse App ships with 100 CircuitMouse credits that are used to Send an Email or Touch a Remote URL (website) through the CircuitMouse Framework. Additional credits can be purchased for $1(US) per 100 credits!

Using the CircuitMouse App is simple:

Select to have something happen WHEN the device is plugged in, unplugged or both.
Select what happens THEN. Your can choose to show an Alert, Send an Email, show a Notification, Play a Song, or Touch a Remote URL.
Specify how often this combination should REPEAT.
Press the START button.

Additionally, the CircuitMouse App has a gorgeous logging console that maintains a record of CircuitMouse App events – great for analysis over time.

The CircuitMouse App is the flagship for the CircuitMouse Framework – “Bringing billions of devices to the Internet of Things!”

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