CircuitMouse FAQ

Who should use the CircuitMouse App?

Anyone can use the CircuitMouse App – homeowners or do-it-yourselfers who want to test electrical circuits, electricians or contractors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs who want to automate a small part of their operation, makers and tinkerers who want to give their older smartphones a new life and of course grade-school science fair students who want to, literally, build a better mousetrap!

How do I use the CircuitMouse App?

Select your desired options from the WHEN, THEN and REPEAT sections of the app. Press the Start button (VERY IMPORTANT!), then let the CircuitMouse App do its thing.

I don’t get it, what’s a WHEN, THEN and REPEAT?

We tried to make the CircuitMouse App really obvious. Like… WHEN something happens, THEN do something else, and REPEAT this X number of times. And then don’t forget to press ‘Start’.

Why isn’t the ‘Local Notification’ THEN working on my iOS device?

Most likely, your iOS device needs to be in ‘background mode’. Alternately, if you’re seeing the ‘Local Notification’ on your iOS device, but not your connected bluetooth accessory, you might need to pair your accessory with your iOS device again.

Why do I need the ‘Local Notification’ THEN?

Local Notifications are great for situations where you have a smartphone running the CircuitMouse App, and a bluetooth connected device (think smartwatch) which can receive notifications from the phone. The effective Bluetooth range is 15-100 feet (5-30 meters), depending on your device, so as long as your smartwatch (or other device) is within that range, you’ll receive instant notifications when the CircuitMouse App’s WHEN conditions are met.

What’s up with these CircuitMouse Credits in the Settings screen and the console?

2 Reasons:
1) Spammers. The CircuitMouse App can send email, so we want to be VERY careful that all those emails are legitimate. And by charging a small fee to send emails, we make CircuitMouse and the CircuitMouse framework too expensive for spammers.
2) Costs. Most of the THENs don’t require any additional services from the CircuitMouse Network. However, to ‘Send Email’ or ‘Touch a Remote URL’, the CircuitMouse App uses the CircuitMouse Network. These resources cost us money, so we charge for them.

As the platform grows, we expect those costs to drop. We keep track of that usage with CircuitMouse Credits, which you can manage from the Settings screen in the App.

What should I expect in the future for the CircuitMouse App?

The CircuitMouse App is the first product using the CircuitMouse platform and framework. Future enhancements to The CircuitMouse App, and future products from Circuit Mouse, will utilize more of the CircuitMouse platform and framework. Future plans for CircuitMouse include circuit sensors, fairies and maybe a few amazing ideas from our users!

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