iOS Press Release – May 2015

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CircuitMouse – “Connecting billions of devices to the Internet of Things”

May 6 2015 – The Internet of Things, or IOT, is the latest development in cloud and internet technology. Most simply it refers to everyday devices (“things”) that have network connectivity, and the intelligence to use it.

CircuitMouse is the great new iPhone and iPad app that makes your iOS device a “thing” on the Internet of Things! Whereas all other IoT apps just control external IoT devices, CircuitMouse is the only IoT App that actually turns your phone or tablet into the IoT device. Entrepreneurs, electricians, manufacturers, scientists or students can use CircuitMouse to control and automate their lives, products, businesses and ideas.

CircuitMouse works on a simple concept – your iOS device is plugged in or it’s not. And when that condition changes, your device can initiate literally hundreds of events:

  • Monitor the electric supply in your home when you go on vacation. No more frozen pipes!
  • Test electric circuits and outlets in your house or other buildings
  • Let friends and family know when your vehicle has started or stopped
  • Monitor the power supply of a remote location and get an alert if power drops off – ideal for monitoring unmanned locations
  • Tie IFTTT, AWS Lambda or other meta-automators to an email address to extend the power of CircuitMouse even further!
  • Build a better mousetrap – monitor mousetraps etc., and be alerted when any of them are sprung!

CircuitMouse not only gives new life to those unused ‘drawer’ phones, but gives added intelligence to your ‘pocket’ phone by enabling a 3rd predictable behavior – the act of plugging in or unplugging your phone – to the list of events that trigger reminders on your phone.

CircuitMouse works on a simple procedure. Program CircuitMouse to trigger an event WHEN the device is plugged in, unplugged or both. THEN program CircuitMouse to display an alert, send an email, show a notification, play a song or connect to a remote URL. Specify how often this combination should REPEAT, press the START button and that’s it!

CircuitMouse will save you money from the moment you download it! No need to spend $200 on dedicated circuit testers or other specialist tools when CircuitMouse can do them for you!

CircuitMouse looks incredible with an easy-to-use logging console that maintains a record of all events to provide complete analysis.

The CircuitMouse app is the flagship for the CircuitMouse Platform, which can be used to build other IOT apps and devices.

CircuitMouse can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store right now for FREE. It will run on any iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running iOS 7 or later and is optimized for the iPhone 5 or later. Users receive 100 mouse credits to use to create 100 tasks when CircuitMouse is downloaded. 100 more credits can be purchased anytime for $1 per 100.

The Internet of things will revolutionize the way we interact with our environment so download CircuitMouse and bring your devices to the Internet of Things today! –

Notes to Editors

CircuitMouse was created by Nathan Morris. For more information contact [email protected] or visit

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(Download the Press Release as a PDF)