Android Press Release for CircuitMouse – May 15

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Download a PDF of this Press Release) CircuitMouse – “Bringing Billions of Devices to the Internet of Things” May 15 2015 – Connect your Android device to the Internet of Things with the highly innovative CircuitMouse app. First introduced to the market in March 2015 and built on the CircuitMouse platform, the CircuitMouse… Continue reading Android Press Release for CircuitMouse – May 15

iOS Press Release – May 2015

May 6 2015 – The Internet of Things, or IOT, is the latest development in cloud and internet technology. Most simply it refers to everyday devices (“things”) that have network connectivity, and the intelligence to use it.

Circuit Mouse

Coming in February 2015, Circuit Mouse is an App, a platform and framework for bringing billions of devices to the Internet of Things. The flagship product, the Circuit Mouse App, will transform you IOS or Android device into an Internet of Things node.